Branding and Art Direction

A project by Salvo Rizza

Photographer A.Pizzalis + Riccardo Roberti

Stylist Michela D'Angelo 

MUA Simona Parrell

Casting Director Maria Giulia Azzario

Model Mia Brammer


Art direction

Production Attila&Co | Photographer M.Pisati




Creative direction 


Film by A.Pizzalis 

Video Roberti | Scichilone

Production Attila&Co

Talents involved | Francisco Porcella (in the video), 

Marcello Ascani, Mattia Bonavida,

Michele Grimaz.

With the aim of telling the story of Talisker's connection to the sea, four #wildspirits, image-thieving travelers, have been selected for a two-day lighthouse experience.


The lighthouse conceived as a symbol of departure, of moving away from the coast, but above all as a symbol of returning home. The four wild spirits have been questioned on three fundamental aspects of their indomitable nature.

what drives you to go? What does being a wild spirit mean to you? but above all, what does it always bring you back home?

And the world gets a new perspective, the “different” is simply “new”.

For the FW 19/20 press day Attila&Co presents its customers’ collections and last innovations within a suggestive and creative frame born from the unusual meeting of two stories: the tea and the first moon landing, this year celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Uncommon, and yet metaphorically in line with one of the most discussed contemporary themes: innovation and heritage, the elsewhere and the different. East and West. The Earth and the Moon.


press day


Creative direction

Video by A.Pizzalis

Soundtrack ORION | Nicolò Chenet 

As in the progress of civilization, so in the creative one, there is evolution only by putting together disparate pieces, irreconcilable at first glance. A constant experimentation of new languages.

The result is a first cultural, then aesthetic, then temporal friction. A research made of various references. Wes Anderson, pottery, CRT monitors and old videos from the Nasa archive. The end of the ‘60s, seen from the intimate perspective of provincial living rooms.

Pieces of daily life, fixed in that moment in which the words were pronounced “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

A bed of rough pottery. Uneven and greyish, as the surface of the melancholy satellite. Armchairs, cups and teaspoons in 1,62 m/s2 gravity.


Brand visual assets

Storytelling Art direction | Photographer E.Costantini 

Manuel Ritz

digital campaign

Creative direction

An intimate view inside the life of a "Londoner in Milan".